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Morris Teper

Personalized Tax Planning

“People generally have anxiety about taxes and finances, and that’s my passion — helping alleviate people’s anxiety in a world they’re unfamiliar with.” Morris Teper says with a smile in his voice. A career man of the financial industry for over the past four decades, Morris has built a career for himself off of passion and a desire to help people manage their lives and take control of an aspect that can so often cause so much confusion and anxiety in one’s life.

For decades, Morris Teper has provided quality content and personalized financial guidance to  individuals and businesses. His expertise – which is based as much on his knowledge of tax management, accounting services, financial statement preparation, and financial planning to his desire to help people take control of their finances, has earned him the reputation as a “financial psychologist”. “It’s really about helping people better understand their financial situation as well as patiently guiding them through the process.” Morris adds. “It’s about truly connecting with people and helping them in the midst of their situation.”

Morris’ business -Morris Teper, CPA, PC, located in Valley Stream, New York – is a leading firm in the area. Morris has built an incredibly successful career on his experience and expertise and he has created a team environment that fosters productivity and excellence. Morris Teper insures that his clients receive the close analysis and attention they deserve and his dedication to high standards, the curation of a team of seasoned tax professionals, and a work ethic second to none has created the type of business that keeps clients returning year after year.

Morris’ main mission is to help clients maintain financial viability in the present, all the while allowing them the confidence and freedom to take a more proactive approach at achieving their future goals. “We’ve really been a staple of the area’s business community for years and I’m incredibly proud of the level of esteem we have earned.” But this level of esteem Morris Teper speaks of is not something easily earned— instead, it comes from his desire and ability to help people take control of their personal finances so they can better pursue their dreams and goals without the anxiety of financial confusion.

For more info on tax planning and tax advice, keep checking back as Morris Teper updates you on what you need to know in light of the changing tax rules and regulations.